China Ministry

The ministry aims to spread the Gospel in China by equipping the church ministers and workers, providing Bible teaching resources, helping the needy local churches financially, publishing various reference materials, and offering bookroom services, etc., according to the actual need of the locale.

Bible Teaching Ministry

1. Publish and distribute Sunday school materials in simplified script Chinese for children, teenagers, adults and seniors.

  • "Gospel Light" Sunday school curriculum for children and teenagers, in student and teacher versions.
  • "Bible in my Life": bible study materials for children and teenagers.
  • "Living Word": Bible teaching curriculum for adults focusing on teaching methods, applications, hermeneutics, and Sunday school materials, in student and teacher versions.
  • "Be-Series" by Warren W. Wiersbe
  • "3D" Topical Bible Study series: with DVD, in student and teacher versions.
  • "True Light" Sunday school curriculum for seniors in student and teacher versions.

2. Publish and distribute Sunday school teacher training materials and teaching DVD.

  • "Gospel Light" Sunday school curriculum for children and teenagers, in student and teacher versions.
  • "Children Sunday School teacher training DVD "(8 discs)
  • "Aspect of a Complete Christian Education"
  • "100 Bible verses that will change the life of your child"
  • Other training resources

3. Publish and distribute pictorial teaching tools, Bible characters in pictures, maps of the Bible, children hymns and teaching preparation manuals to help teachers to be more effective in teaching the Bible.

4. Organize Teacher Training workshops and seminars for Sunday school teachers of different ages.

Seedling Development Ministry

CCIUSA works with local churches in rural villages and remote mountainous areas of Guangxi, Yunnan and Henan, helping them to develop children Sunday schools, train Sunday school teachers, provide teaching materials and tools, care for the spiritual growth of the children, and help the Seedling children with their educational needs, including cost of living and special medical care assistance, if necessary. CCIUSA is currently supporting 1000 needy children in this project. Through the Seedling Project, we assist the local churches to strengthen their caring ministry, including caring for the ministers and to grow in Christ.

US$240 will support a child per year

Minister Support

• Assist the needy ministers with living allowances and/or seed money for the development of a side business to support their basic needs.

• Provide the ministers of minority groups with living allowances in order to help them to focus on developing their mission ministry.

US$50 each month will support the family of a minister

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Act as a Bridge for Overseas Christians with a Mission Heart

• Provide over 100 types of gospel pamphlets, booklets for discipleship, hymns, DVD and other religious materials in simplified script Chinese to overseas Christians to bring to China to help them reach out to non-Christians and disciple believers.

• Organize short term missions for the overseas Christians to participate in children summer camps in China.

• Establish and websites to provide on-line Bible resources for spiritual growth.

• Publish a quarterly journal "Field of Harvest" to provide up-to-date news and information on the churches in China (and also through regular mail, email or fax).

Please remember CCIUSA's China Ministry in your prayer. We welcome your financial support to the various ministries so that the gospel may continue to spread in China and the churches in China may continue to grow and be rooted in God's word.

Contact our China Ministry Department for more information and let us know how we may better serve your church.
Tel: 713-778-1144

Educational Training Ministry

1. Offer Bible study workshops.

2. Offer Christian Living seminars to encourage believers to live out a balance Christian life.

3. Offer workshops on equipping and serving for Christ to prepare Christians to serve their churches.

4. Provide churches with special workshops and materials for the training of God loving second generation.

Resources for Churches

1. Publish different curriculums and books for believers to grow in their faith.

2. Provide simplified and traditional Chinese books and audio-visual resources through the book room, whole sale, online bookstore and book fairs.

Healthy Church Ministry

1. Provide Spiritual Health Assessment and Planner to assess their spiritual status.

2. Provide 40 Days of Purpose, 40 Days of Community, 40 Days of Love campaign resources for churches to motivate believers to find the purpose of life and to have a life changing experience.

3. Provide "Character Makeover", "Only You Can Be You" and "Life's Healing Choices" to help the spiritual growth and revival of believers.

4. Provide "Shape" and "Book of James" in text and DVD that are suitable for small group Bible studies and Sunday schools.

Holy Land Ministry

1. Organize Holy Land tours, New Testament –Follow the Apostles Footsteps tours and Holy Land cruises for believers to help them to have a spiritual revival and a better understanding of the Bible.

2. Publish books on the Holy Land and organize topical sharing of the Holy Land Ministry.